When Good Social Marketing Gets Wasted (And How Good Copywriting Can Save It)

Hiring celebrity spokespersons, even if it costs you a piece of the company, is one way. Creating an eye-catching ad campaign seems like a better deal.

EB: You want to make sure that your foundation is set and ready to handle the influx of people from your social media campaign. Make sure that you think about the process people are going to take. If they are coming from My profile or Facebook to a web page on your site, what do you want them to do once they get there? Make sure to think about the conversion and don’t ask someone to do something big too soon.

Jason Marquis, good to see you: Marquis was breathtakingly efficient last night, as he plowed through the Giants in 96 pitches (the game time was a throwback 2:09). This is the guy the Nats thought the signed last offseason, before bone chips in his elbow caused him to be awful and then out for the season. Of all of the Nationals moves in the last three seasons, this is the one I thought was the best at the time. Marquis was just what the Nats needed – a proven winner to set an example for the youngsters, but young enough (31 at the time) to still give them some good years. He has become the team’s ace (keeping the spot warm for Strasburg) one year later than expected, possessing a 3-0 record, 2.62 ERA and averaging just under seven innings per start through his first five appearances.

Now look at your Responsibility and Solution column. Did you take responsibility or move the blame onto someone else? In the example above she could have said it was Jackson’s fault. If she did this her solution would have been completely different. If you want to truly affect change you need to make that change within yourself. Be sure that you take responsibility for your actions and find solutions you have control over.

The team preview of Halloween Horror Nights is in full swing, and for those who are not in attendance, Universal released a sneak peek inside the Forsaken house. Click the video at left to see a bit of what you’ll face if you visit on or after the September 23 opening.

Also, first-time father Ian Desmond has settled in where he belongs. Batting fifth, sixth, or seventh allows him to focus on driving the ball, which he does well. MASN’s Bob Carpenter picked up on that last night, saying he was “driving the ball like his old self.” Shocker. His eye-popping numbers the last two days back that up. Consider this – as a leadoff guy, Desmond hit just .180 (9-50) and slugged just .300. Batting sixth or seventh, Desmond is hitting .417 (10-24) and slugging .708. Desmond has gap-to-gap power, and batting down in the order taps into that potential.

Riggleman getting it right: Jim Riggleman, it seems, has finally gotten a hold on his lineup. Jayson Werth has settled nicely into the third spot, and the Danny Espinosa/Rick Ankiel 1-2 combo is probably the best the Nats can do there (although Riggs should monitor the young Espinosa, who is just 2 for his last 22, and make sure the pressure of leading off does not weigh him down).

Even if the software allows you to organize your tasks into time specific slots it will do you no good if you have to spend tons of time just to organize them! You want your software to be user-friendly and quick so that you can get in, get organized, and get going!