Top Three Ways To Improve Your Guitar Playing

Locating the best basic guitar lesson is an important part of starting strong when learning this popular instrument. There are a number of factors that should be considered as well as specific things that a high quality basic guitar lesson should include. Do not waste your money on a less than ideal program that includes only watered down information and no supplemental material. Instead, pay out for material that will have you playing your favorite songs fast!

A lot of unused stuff lies around the house e.g. the bass guitar that has not been played for a decade or CDs that no one listens to anymore. There are many ways to sell these – visit a pawnshop, have a yard sale in front of your apartment, put an ad in the classifieds of the local newspaper or the internet. Be realistic about the prices; the general rule is to halve the price from what someone would be able to buy elsewhere. For making money online, sell these items on eBay.

You’ll want to go out and get some songbooks of tunes you like, or even easier, you can go online and get tabs and chord charts. One thing before you start picking your songs: many new guitarists (myself included) pick tunes they think are very cool, only to pick tunes that are to technically sophisticated for beginners. I wanted early Van Halen songs, which are WAY too difficult. Better to start off with Green Day, the Eagles, or whatever else you may like that’s also simple.

Hi Hat: Place mic pointing away from the kit to the left of the post at a 45 degree angle about 3″ away from the top cymbal. Leave room for the hat to open – you don’t want it to hit the mic.

Learning guitar is like learning a second language. If you have ever tried to learn a new language you will know that it takes time to get to a competent level. To begin with, there are a range of new words and concepts that you have to understand. You have to know how music fits together. You have to understand what a note is, a chord or a melody. A song is like a story in a foreign language. You have to be able to read it and then translate it into actions. And this has to happen quickly and with perfect timing. As you can see this is not an easy task and requires a number of skills to be mastered before it can be put together to make a good sound. So what quality do you require to get past this and realize your dreams – patience.

Don’t get discouraged if you are not progressing as fast as you would like (believe me, no one progresses as fast as they want). Break down your ultimate goal into smaller steps and mark them off when you have achieved them. In this way you can measure your success or notice the progression.

P!nk finished the evening with a great version of “Glitter In the Air” by being elevated above the stage by long sheets of cloth. At one point during the song she was lowered out of view from where I was watching and re-emerged soaking wet to great dramatic effect. As she spun above the stage she showered by crowd with water that she had been immersed in. Pure theatre and truly spectacular!