Reduce Hair Raising Experience With Photoshop Hair Masking Tools

Photoshop has long been the industry standard professional digital image manipulation program. It fact it would be hard to get a job as a graphic designer if you didn’t have experience using Photoshop.

Step 7) On that same layer add a layer mask by going to Layer>Layer Masks>Hide All. Change the charcoal to a large smudge or smear brush and paint on the white mask to reveal the new charcoal effect.

Many offshore companies have skilled designers who try to experiment and emerge successful in their endeavors. Frequent samples need not raise the cost structure. A client is retained when such samples are given free of cost. Many clients now outsource offshore photo editing companies for advanced jobs. They are also able to show to the clients various other similar projects executed. This also helps them to put faith in the work. With easy upload, download and tracking systems the brief can be changed too. These are some of the immediate benefits of outsourcing an offshore company.

The pen tool and clipping path again did the job for selecting the sidewalk, which, after pasting in, I turned into a crumbling wall by the use of Masking Tool “painting” the sidewalk in and out as needed. The Datat Masking Software also worked well to “paint in” the exploding computer shots to look like dust and flying debris. Finally, the same technique was used to add the bricks. To integrate the whole image I used an adjustment Hue and Saturation control in an adjustment layer to give the image a sepia-toned look. That is how a manhole cover and a sidewalk become a much more powerful graphic than the real thing…

Use that old toothbrush as a cleaning tool that can get to small spaces that you can’t reach, such as the corners in your kitchen cabinets. What’s more, it will save wear and tear on your fingernails.

You will not usually need to copy all of these channels each time you make a black and white. Many times you will like only the information from one or two channels. However, it helps to copy all of the channels over the first few times you try this technique.

The first three people who saw the image all laughed out loud…a good indication that the image would be a successful stock photo. I submitted it to Blend Images for consideration as a Rights Managed image…and they liked and accepted it. The final steps in the process included using an ftp site to upload the image, the metadata, and the model releases (yes…I needed releases for each model). Now, in about six months I will know if I have a successful concept stock photo!