Public Speaking Fear – Breaking The Comfort Zone

More than a few people have tried to avoid public speaking because they don’t want to embarrass themselves and they are afraid of making mistakes. This is a skill that you would have to learn at some point because it is important in your career growth. You have to learn the dos and don’ts of making presentations so that you would get your point across easily and you will not bore your audience to death. By learning effective presentation skills, a lot of people would be looking forward to hearing your ideas.

No one is born with a talent for presentation skill classes. Every successful speaker had to overcome their anxieties and deal with the stress of the situation in order to develop their knowledge and skills. You can to!

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The next thing to do is practice your speech.Good communication takes practice. Some people have the unfortunate idea that they want to just speak from their heart whatever comes to their mind, or don’t want the speech to “sound too rehearsed”. I can just about guarantee you that this will be one time where your heart and mind may decide to go out to lunch and not make it a threesome. You will be left standing at the podium like a patient who just received shock therapy.

3) The third and final tool for enhancing your confidence is literally, get good at things! If you’re good at nothing, try taking up something new, maybe a sudoku puzzle, chess, a sport, running. What are you good at? Write a list of the things you’re very good at and think about how you became good at it and how you exhibit your confidence while you’re doing it! Maybe you’re great at computer games! Maybe you’re great at public speakings! If anyone says to me that they’re not good at anything, I would turn around and say: “That’s not true, you’re a great liar as everyone is good at something!!” 🙂 You have a talent, bring it to the surface and ask yourself what it is that gives you that talent and how does your confidence show?

It is not about how good you are today, it is about stage time. If you get up in front of your audience today, you will get better tomorrow, as a result of that experience.

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