Good Food Courts In Houston, United States

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The atmosphere at El Mejor is pretty nice. They have a very large sign that is almost the size of a billboard. The parking situation isn’t the best. I mentioned that it used to be a small gas station, so there is little parking to speak of, so you have to park in a lot across the street. Fortunately the street is hardly used. The inside has a fountain and a few different rooms that have been built over the years.

If exercising every day of the week is not something that you can manage due to your busy schedules, start small. Walking is the simplest and the easiest form of exercise. Begin by walking for 15 minutes every day and gradually increase the walking time. Or, you can walk the last block to the office by getting off at one stop earlier, or use the stairs instead of the elevator. Even simple forms of exercise like these will get you physically active.

Another thing to look for is what is going on by day. Some places only have live music Friday through Sunday while others have things going on through the week.

Anothoer note – I didn’t notice a huge mosquito of fly problem but I would still suggest wearing an insect repellent just to be on the safe side. Because of all the food and drinks available, there may be a chance of getting bit and no one wants that!

I hope this helps even in a small way. With prices going up on just about everything, we all need to find ways of stretching our dollars. You can eat well and not spend a fortune at the grocery store with proper meal planning and creating a grocery list. With a little research and time you can save extra money each week.