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As we all know, Men are more sexually active than women, or at least more visibly active. But what do you really know about what men think? As a man myself, I am here to tell you what we really think, what we secretly crave, what are the things we try to hide from women? Here are the 6 Sex Secrets and Lies All Men Keep.

Time to grab tee times. What I recommend is setting up early morning tee times for each day. You will have to get up earlier than you may like, but scheduling tee times around 8:00 to 8:30AM will accomplish several things, including: Being close to first off the box on rain or frost delays (allowing a second 18). Finishing your round early enough to grab a second 18 with lunch in between 18’s. Allowing easier to change to later tee times if desired rather than to move them earlier.

If you haven’t yet got a website for your bed and breakfast business then don’t. Get a blog. A blog can do all that a website can but is inherently more search engine friendly. Recently blogs have become more and more popular, with all sizes of business, because Google and the others seem to be favoring them. There are many reasons for this but suffice it to say that particularly for the B & B owner, they are more cost-effective and more powerful than “traditional” sites.

Many people do not make a lot with alat survey sites because they do not even know that you can make a lot referring. And it is not so hard getting referrals, you can tell your friends and family, hang flyers up, start a blog etc… There are many ways of referring, you just have to find which one works for you!

4) The Baseball Mogul. You may not have heard of this one but it’s so addictive to play. Baseball Mogul is a complete statistically based game where you are basically the GM of a baseball team (the real teams) and you are in charge of everything from a financial standpoint like player and TV contracts all the way down to the price of a hot dog. It’s very deep micro managing and you have to kind of be a numbers nut to appreciate it and you must have an understanding of how to run a baseball team. If you have a star player on the rise do you sign him long term or Survey Equipment trade him at just the right time? Pretty cool stuff!

Statistics back up what parents and caregivers have known all along: strong self-esteem makes for healthier, happier children who then become productive and successful adults.

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