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Rihanna has made an enormous impact in both the world of music and of fashion. Among her ubiquitous global smashes are “A Good Girl Gone Bad,” A Girl Like Me,” and “What’s My Name?” Now Rihanna mixes up winter knits from Sears to create trendy, stylish looks that we can all afford with Sears budget-conscious prices.

To make the night complete, Fashion Fights Poverty and Tari Boutique hosts the “New to You” handbag swap! Bring gently loved, quality handbags (preferably high-end such as Kate Spade, Coach, etc.) and get a ticket, which can be traded for a “New to You” handbag from those dropped off. Those donated or not chosen will be sold on consignment at Tari Boutique and proceeds go to the Fashion Fights Poverty Parachute Eccentricity Wilson High School Field Trip Program.

After my first year of college I found myself looking for a way to support myself. While assisting in a salon, a client and then unsuspected role model often questioned me about my hair color choices and methods. He challenged me to explore my talent for color, hair, and clearly science (I managed not to burn my hair off while changing my hair color with my clothes…I looked like a well-dressed clown). Once I entered the industry I quickly realized it was a combination of everything I love. I get to meet and talk to people from all walks of life. When I’m finished working and my client looks in the mirror…seeing the expression on their face is why I chose this a career.

For the Greater Good. With hard-to-find high-end designers such as Nom de Guerre and Commes de Garcon coming this fall, there is nothing in D.C. quite like Adams Morgan’s For the Greater Good. Owners Larry Incognito and Omar Quimbao, known for their original Florida Avenue outpost, Commonwealth, showcase mature, subtle pieces with an urban edge. The minimally decorated shop allows the clothing to speak for itself. And speak it does. The tightly edited selections which include knits from Shades of Greige selvedge denim from APC and tech jackets from dù lệch tâm Acronym all effortlessly beckon to shoppers. Be ready to spend, though, with prices reaching $500 for a pair of jeans (Japanese denim, no less). 1781 Florida Ave., NW.

Also, don’t just stick with the big name social networks. Reach out further and join some of the smaller sites. For instance if your app might have something to do with sports you Parachute eccentricity might want to join a smaller network that pertains to sports and the fans of those sports. If you happen to have an app that might appeal to mothers then join a site that deals with working moms and non-working moms. This way you can target a more specific group of people and if they like what you have to offer, they will pass the word on to others that they know.

Strap length – you may not know it but having the right length of the straps of your fashion handbags makes a big difference. What you would want to do is to adjust the strap somewhere near the area of your body that is the narrowest when measured. For top-heavy women, the bags should be adjusted against their lower hips or thighs. But if you were able to purchase a bag that does not have a strap that is adjustable, just take it to the bag repair shop and have them customize the strap for you.

Another great way of achieving a unique look with metal jewellery is mixing various metal colors like silver, gold and rose gold. It’s not only fine jewelry that is available in various metallic tones. You can also get the similar look with the comparatively affordable fashion jewelry. A good source to buy them is the fashion jewelry suppliers who stock trendy and unique designs of fashion jewellery.