Why You Need Long Term Care

Thanks to new medical breakthroughs and new drugs, we as a population are living longer and more active lives. In 1900, the life expectancy of the average American was 47. Today, there are more survivors of cancers and diseases that were previously considered incurable. Depending on when you were born, you can expect to live to 76 to 91 years old.

This leads us to the last option, which is to hire a home health care aide. These individuals will go to your parents house and give them the individualized care they need. Your parents will maintain some amount of independence and will feel more comfortable in a place they have known as home health aide salary for decades.

David gets out but tells Tamra to stay in car. (Red Flag 14; suddenly, he needs no guidance navigating outdoors.) He navigates without a hitch. (Red Flag 15).

Slowly stand up and onto the floor with your feet slightly apart. This slightly-wide stance will lend you stability as you get up and out of bed. Then, slowly walk to a nearby chair.

The nursing care could be from a nursing home, but it could also be in-home care, such as a home health aide salary, adult day care or assisted living. So it pays for nursing homes or alternatives.

A nursing home is slightly different. A CNA will still have to take vitals like blood pressure and temperature but there is a lot more hands on day to day care. They get patients up in the morning and give them personal care as well as toileting and such. They report directly to the nurse if there are any problems. They will also deliver bedpans and clean patients when they need it.

Nursing care expenses can cost a lot. The cost will depend upon the type of care you need, where you live, and how much these expenses will increase in future decades. It is impossible to predict the exact cost. However, you can assume this expense will cost thousands of dollars per month. This expense can put a dent in your savings very quickly!

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