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Do you have a bookkeeping client that drives you absolutely nuts? He’s demanding and never gets his information to you on time. Every time you pick up the phone and hear his voice you just cringe. So how do you fire a client?

A real point to consider is whether the software needs you to have any prior experience. I am not just talking about accounting and accounting diploma experience. Many programs on the market also need you to do courses just to be able to use them. If you don’t believe me then pick up a copy of the local newspaper and have a look at the number of people offering there services because the software is so difficult to use.

Now that the load is off your back, you can concentrate your time and energy on generating revenue. You are not an accountant or a bookkeeper, so why waste time on an activity that won’t make you any profit?

Level of education. Keep in mind that a bookkeeper doesn’t really have to possess a degree in accounting. Nevertheless, those who do will always have an edge for those who are none. Since they already have a good background, they are much easier to train, and they basically understand the concepts in business, such as payroll, taxation, and cash flow, to name a few. Normally, those with degree could have a higher bookkeeping rate. What you can do is to look for those who are just starting out in the field, perhaps a new graduate. They could give you a much cheaper bookkeeping courses rate, and they can start building their portfolio in your company.

Getting a great niche can land you a very profitable job. You have to know where to go to make lots cash. Aim for accountants, they are potential clients. Beside there are others too with overflow work.

The great news is that there are great bookkeeping services available to you, provided that you ask the right questions. If you are thinking about putting a bookkeeping service in place for your small business, here are 5 questions to ask (in no particular order).

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