Website Building – Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Want Best Visibility

Wendy Palmer is a sixth degree black belt in aikido and teaches aikido in Sausalito, California. She’s written many books using aikido principles to help people become more conscious, confident, compassionate, and Visible.

It’s first important to realize that we’re not dealing with a 6-pack but instead an 8-pack. Those 2 lower abdominal muscles that most people forget to consider help make up the 8-pack or rectus abdominis muscle.

For example, when people are searching for someone to help them with article marketing, or how to get started writing articles, they will find me very quickly. This is because I have positioned myself as an article marketing expert, and spend some time each day to further myself in this direction. Think about your areas of expertise, and work on building both your credibility and Website on the Internet in this area by writing about this topic on your blog.

Thinking about the concept of visibility helps me notice the times I disclaim myself, contract my energy, or otherwise hide behind walls of fear or self-judgment. I have an ever-present inner critic that tells me “not good enough,” or some variation on that theme, way too often. The result is that I don’t speak up when I could contribute, and I don’t show up when I have gifts to offer.

If you are the concerned bridesmaid, it’s fantastic that you are open to concealing your tattoo for your friend’s wedding day. Horror stories abound illustrating passive aggressive brides who never speak directly to the bridesmaid about covering visible tattoos, yet simply opt to air brush the tattoos out of the wedding photos. Imagine what the bridesmaid must think when she finds herself staring at unrecognizable photos of herself right after the wedding.

Some writers throw themselves into blogging with abandon. I’m an enthusiastic blogger; I’ve been blogging for over a decade. I started blogging simply because the idea of writing something, and getting readers instantly, got me addicted.

The new world of the internet has created a virtual whirlpool of opportunities for the business owner who understands building brand visibility. The tools are cheap and the methods are mostly free. The person who is able to learn the best marketing processes will come out on top every time. Taking the time to learn how to market the internet is paramount. A solid marketing and mentoring group can make all the difference in that learning curve. You need to learn how to market to make any business profitable.