Vegas Style Wedding Favors

Are you looking for a great idea for party favors for your next celebration? How about covering chocolate bars with wrappers customized for your occasion? You can even make them yourself. They’re cheap, easy and appeal to all age groups. Besides, everyone loves candy. Here’s some simple ways to create these festive treats.

Provide an exclusive early-bird opportunity to your clients for an upcoming event. Limit the purchase to Valentine’s Day only. Add a bonus with a purchase or special pricing.

Car wash – Holding a car wash is another great idea for fundraising. Car washes are known to bring in a lot of money. When you have a cause like poverty or animal cruelty car washes are a fantastic way to raise money for them. What this entails is renting space by a busy road and holding car wash signs so that drivers pull in to get a wash. With Australian roads cars can get dirty pretty quick so this means that on an average day you can get a lot of cars coming in for the wash.

Another great Valentines day gift for her is chocolate or gift basket. Since chocolate is basically the symbol for this special lovers’ day, you could surprise her with the customized candy singapore fondue and have a fun evening eating strawberries dipping chocolate. If not, buy her some sexy bedroom outfits that you think would fit her and make she look more beautiful. You guys can then play the fantasy and dressing up game which can boost the fire and make the night more special.

The luck ‘o Irish is upon us with Irish Cream Coffee and personalized chocolates. Online creative baskets, delivers your lucky leprechaun wishes, with gourmet specialty goodies. Nothing’s too good for the Irish. Nor is anything too delicious…

Pack a watch with a second hand in your paternity bag so you can help time contractions both before and after you arrive at the hospital. This is another important job for the dad.

Furthermore, on every candy you read your lover’s personalized message. It’s just like he or she sent you a letter by way of those candies. I know the way exactly you’d feel. Elated, right? That’s exactly how your recipient will feel as soon as he or she receives you’re special sweet gift. Gift giving has one greatest essence, and that is to make our recipient feel ecstatic with happiness and delight with the present which we give them.