Use These Identity Theft Tips To Protect Yourself

In my personal point of view, every household needs a fireproof wall safe. It is a MUST. I believe everyone has his or her own important items at home which he or she can’t afford to lose. In order to protect all these precious items from fire accidents, a wall safe is definitely required. This safe is far more convenient than using a safe deposit box at the banks.

APPRAISE YOUR HOME. Ask a professional appraiser to determine the current value of your home and photocopy the appraisal. Put one copy in your Safe deposit box for sale and give the other to a trusted relative.

Most safes are fire-resistant, but not fireproof. The Underwriters Laboratory grades fire-resistant safes based on how long the safes protect paper at a certain temperature and for how long. Class-C safes protect paper for an hour at 1,700-degrees Fahrenheit, class-B for two hours at 1,850-degrees, and class-A for four hours at 2,000-degrees. If you need to protect computer disks in a fire, you will need to purchase a specialized home safe.

Kings were to be good examples of God’s past faithfulness, and our modern-day leaders are also to be good examples of God’s faithfulness. In Deuteronomy 17:16-17, God warns leaders that they will always face the temptation to abuse their power for personal gain, which is contrary to his will. Old Testament kings were to keep a copy of God’s laws with them and read it on a regular basis. By doing so kings were taught to fear God.

If you keep money in your home, you could invest in a money chest. Money chests are smaller than most safes, but are built in your house or bolted to your home’s frame. Money chests rated TL can withstand tools, TR torches, and TX explosives. The TL rating includes a number that indicates how many minutes the safe can withstand tools.

Begin to work out the disposition of the personal property with the heirs. To protect yourself as the executor, consider recording all conversations you have with anyone while you work as executor. Also, consider making detailed inventories of personal property, and require heirs to sign off on all property when they take possession of it.

Traveling overseas requires extra attention to security. You should “sterilize” your luggage by removing all logos, stickers and claim checks that will identify you as an American. Limit your exposure time in airports by arriving with just enough time to check your bags and get through the metal detectors about ten minutes before boarding the plane. When traveling in any foreign country, maintain a low profile. Avoid large crowds and groups of tourists as they are considered easy targets by terrorists. Try to observe local customs with regard to dress, behavior, etc., and be a polite, considerate guest.