Proven Article Marketing Secretstips: Article Marketing For Seo

As search engines become increasingly difficult to accept duplicate articles, I think that writing unique content is much more important than it was before.

The article rewriter tool answer is easy. If your competition wanted to get you booted from your existing search engine placement, then they would have already taken your content on your website and submitted it everywhere, thus resulting in a duplicate content penalty.

They then compound the problem by feeding these articles through ‘Article Spinning Software.’ They also feed their key words into the ‘Spinner,’ to ensure they are scattered throughout the article. This is an attempt to fool the Search Engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is optimizing a webpage (like your article will soon be) with 1 to 4 keywords that you want to rank high in the search engines. For example, if your article is about vintage rock tee shirts, than you should place that keyword phrase (vintage rock tee shirts) in the title, first paragraph and middle paragraph of your article. Use different variations (old rock T shirts, rock vintage tees), as well as singular and plural versions throughout the article.

One way to easily reuse content is through software called an article rewrite tool. This is software that will take an article and automatically replace certain words with synonyms. The only problem with this is that the meaning can be lost, since a software program does not actually read the content. It is important to proofread any content created using an article writer software.

If you’re a beginner, consider taking the organic traffic route rather than the PPC – pay per click (paying for traffic) – route because there may be some legal issues with saying negative things about a product if you take the PPC route. With the organic route, there are none; you can say whatever you want. Not only that, but you’ll probably burn your cash on PPC if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You need to use your keywords inside your anchor-text. If you’d like a page of your web site to get ranking for “best network marketing company”, the anchor text shouldn’t be network marketing or network marketing company. It must be the actual actual keyword phrase.

The very last step is to use an article spinner to make the one article you wrote, into thirty distinct articles. You take the original article you wrote, enter it right into a spinner, then it will produce a number of articles. Once this is complete, you should distribute each unique article to a submission site. I have found that if you submit 20-30 unique articles per day that you will have a huge amount of traffic in just one short month. If this sounds like too much then just scale it to what works for you. The way to succeed is consistency. Don’t quit to soon, it will take time for you to build traffic but I will tell you this has worked for my business.