Poultrygeist: Night Of The Chicken Dead (2008) Movie Evaluation

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As for the tale of this machinima brief movie, it was missing a few pieces of information that might have confused or alienated some views who by no means played Red Dead Redemption. Also, without giving away details, the ending was a bit clich, but great sufficient to get you interested in purchasing the game and ending the tale. General, the plot was easy and to the point. Plus the action sequences captured the style of gameplay great and gave you a good concept of what to expect if you plan to buy the game. The characters every experienced their personal personalities that get you intrigued in the life and globe these people live in.

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The film was directed by award-successful documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. Documentary fans may remember his work as the director of “Super Size Me,” which was the movie that introduced him into the community eye. While making “This Is Us,” Spurlock spent a number of months with the band, and he adopted them from their houses to their performances in all kinds of nations all more than the world, such as Japan.

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