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The Serenis 360 as well as 180 integrate the brand-new Serenis water shipment system that uses you a entirely initial shower experience. This system makes use of Ideal Criterion’s innovative ‘in-line shutoff’ innovation.

Water is piped via the central column of the enclosure where separate in-line controls allow you decide whether the water goes through the dealt with expenses shower spray or via the hand spray.

As these controls are private, if your water stress is high enough you can make use of both shower heads simultaneously developing a truly elegant shower.

An additional outstanding feature of the Serenis water distribution system is the design of the ‘on/off’ shutoff controls.

These are positioned both within and outside the unit to ensure that you can transform the shower on from outside the shower enclosure, removing the ‘dead leg’ of cold water prior to you get in the shower, and off from the inside permitting you to completely dry on your own within the enclosure where the setting is nice and also cozy – pure brilliant.

As well as ultimately, the temperature control can be accessed from inside and also outside the room, permitting you complete control throughout your bathing experience. Showering at its ideal! Sheets of crystal clear glass virtually six and also a half feet high are formed right into an arc of geometric accuracy.

The arc of glass is then placed in an elegant setting of acrylic, aluminium and polished chrome and also fitted with the most up to date in shower modern technology.

With its elegant lines and also delicate appearance, the result is the Serenis 360. The arc inspired design of the Peninsular marks it out as a stand-alone shower unit of really cutting-edge conception.

Peninsular includes several superb functions such as: 6mm safety glass with very easy tidy finishing, Silver coating frame, Chrome plated brass water distribution system, On/ Off water control both inside as well as outside the room, taken care of 180mm size solitary feature overhead shower, shower package with a three feature high-pressure hand spray, the enclosure is assured for one decade, the water delivery system is ensured for 5 years, the acrylic shower tray is assured for 25 years.

The Edge is readily available as a right and also left hand shower room, as well as includes the exact same outstanding features as the Peninsular: 6mm safety glass with easy tidy finish, silver surface framework, chrome layered brass water delivery system, On/Off water control both inside and also outside the enclosure, dealt with 180mm diameter single function expenses shower, shower set with a three function high-pressure hand spray, the unit is guaranteed for 10 years, the water shipment system is assured for 5 years, the acrylic shower tray is guaranteed for 25 years.

The Serenis 360 is plumbed via the floor, taking the water up via the central column of the shower unit. The water is delivered through the built-in expenses shower or with the hand spray, or both. The Serenis 180 Edge is offered with the committed water shipment system or can be integrated with the shower kit of your choice for an stylish bathing service. The Serenis 180 Edge integrates several excellent attributes such as: 6mm shatterproof glass with easy tidy layer, Silver surface structure, Chrome layered brass water delivery system, On/Off water control both inside and outside the unit, Taken care of 180mm diameter solitary feature overhead shower, Shower set with a 3 function high-pressure hand spray, The enclosure is ensured for one decade, The water distribution system is ensured for 5 years, The acrylic shower tray is ensured for 25 years. With its streamlined rounded glass as well as elegant silver frame, the Serenis 180 Corner looks subtle as well as trendy in an alcove design shower room.

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