Nook Vs Kindle Vs Ipad: Comparing The Heavyweights In The Ebook Reader Market

The Kindle 2 is the new e-book reader from Amazon. The quality of the 6″ screen is pretty good and is almost identical to a real book. It does not have backlights so you won’t be able to read it in the dark. The word display on the screen is pretty clear and easy on the eye. The screen also has an anti-glare surface so that you can read it easily under bright lights.

Sharing. Starting in January 2011, Amazon is now allowing the sharing of Kindle ebooks free download pdf for up to two weeks between Kindle owners, or people with the Kindle app. The Nook has always allowed sharing of titles for up to 2 weeks between Nook and Nook app users.

Bam! You’re done. You have just signed up for a free two-week trial and will receive seven installments a week from seven different books direct to your kindle!

Offer daily or weekly visitor bonuses. This will increase your repeat traffic and sales because your visitors will visit regularly to get the visitor bonuses. Ask people online to review your web site. You can use the comments you get to improve your web site or you may turn the reviewer into a customer.

How kindle ebooks far this project has progressed with publishers is unclear but the concept is to allow subscribers to rent books much like Netflix allows subscribers to rent movies. The service would also be available to subscribers of Amazon Prime, a membership program that gives users free shipping and access to movies and TV shows for $79 per year.

Even though Amazon is already a well-established website, you should still market your eBooks yourself. By taking a few simple steps, you can generate a lot of interest in your eBook. Interest is what leads to more sales. Yes, you will make money by just letting your Amazon Kindle book sit for sale on the website, but why not take additional steps to increase your profits? As previously stated, you have a number of options and they are very easy.

These steps are very general. I can’t give you specific instructions here because I don’t know what kind of device you have. Always read your manual and follow the instructions given to you by the website where you are buying your ebooks.