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Are you looking for romantic gifts for men? Is your man, like so many, hard to shop for? Do you want to give him a gift he’ll love? When it’s gift giving time, many of us women are completely stumped about what kind of gift to give our husbands and boyfriends. This year, give him a gift that will take his breath away. Here are five top picks.

The national star registry will pick a star in the heavens and you get to pick a name for it. Add their names together as the new star. The Registry will send them a certificate of a new star in their honor.

My Opinion on the Play Station 2 & 3 Guitar Hero III – I’m not a big fan of video games, however this one isn’t violent, and it does keep the teens moving. Guitar Hero III has several levels, and it enforces eye / hand coordination. The reason why this one is for teens, well it’s just to hard to the little ones to do. The guitar controller is close to the size of a normal guitar neck, so it’s tricky for little fingers.

Contrary to her expectations, her career with 20th Century Fox was not as sunny as it was with Motown. Her single releases were not able to climb very high in the charts, and she also has a problem with her health. I addition, the promise she was given of some film projects under her new company did not materialize. She signed with Atlantic Records in 1966 working with producer Carl Davis, and that collaboration produced some barely successful hits including “Dear Lover”.

Maria’s body becomes Brando’s fodder in the film as he engages in a violent sexual relationship with her, culminating in a scene where he takes “buttering someone up” to a whole new level… although some see the scene where he has Maria shove her fingers up his anus while promising to let a pig screw her as the true culmination… and others see the scene where Brando masturbates in a crowded dance bar as the culmination.

Choose a star gift package. In some company, the package starts at $54. The package contains the star selected, star name record and the star date. It is accompanied with a personalized certificate made of a parchment, a personalized sky chart with the recipient’s name, the star coordinates and a book about astronomy.

“Harvey, will you please finish giving out the sandwiches? And there is a sack of apples in my trunk, if you don’t mind.” Gianelli handed the keys to the big man. He took Clarissa by the arm and steered her toward a bench.

A themed gift basket can hold lots of little goodies that you know your man will love and appreciate – best of all, you really don’t need a big occasion to give it to him! Take a few minutes to think about his interests and his wishes. If your guy loves coffee, beer, or even cigars, then put together a gift basket themed to reflect those tastes. Romantic gifts for men don’t have to be big and fancy – at the end of the day, what matters most is that you were thinking about him and took the time to put a gift together for him.