Keep Your Car In Shape With These Helpful Tips

Changing spark plugs has to be nearly as simple as replacing light bulbs, but it’s not. Light bulb changing does not involve the use of a socket wrench or gapping tools. A deep socket fitting a spark plug is not a suitable socket. There are two things that differentiate it from a deep socket.

There you have it ladies; EMPOWER yourselves. Work with your mechanic, but accept responsibility for your own domains of basic maintenance and race-day road worthiness.

Multipurpose lubricant- This is used when you need to loosen stubborn or seized nuts and bolts. It penetrates metal to metal contact. It also stops squeaks and drives out moisture. A common brand is WD-40 but you can also of course find it under other names.

Fix a dead outlet: I’ve never done this in my life, but if somehow the need arose, I’d pull down my “Reader’s Digest How to Fix Anything Manual” and give it a whirl.

The next stage in testing the spark plug is to take apart each plug from the engine, as it is running. Use a Best Torque Wrench Under 100 moving in an anti clockwise direction to remove the sparkplug. When you remove the spark plug, listen carefully to see if it effects the functioning of the engine. If the engine operates as normal then this plug is no longer working and needs to be replaced. This is, of course, why you remove the plugs one by one; to see if they do need to be changed.

The 40-XB Tactical does not have the features of the M-24 SWS or the 40-XS but it is a very nice rifle. This rifle is produced with an H-S Precision stock. The barrel is longer than that of the 40-XS version coming in at 27.250 inches. The trigger is crisp as you would expect and a real pleasure to feel. Remington guarantees the performance of this rifle to be one half inch or less at 100 yards with the proper ammo.

With the engine now running and no visible steam or bubbles I check the timing and find it needs just a tweak to be on top dead center where it belongs. Job done, I close the hood and head off for a test drive. I will take care of that little valve tappet adjustment when I return.