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On my quest to understand the sexes. I have been on pursuit of this for about a year now. Well a wee bit over a year. I was doing it to see if I could understand my ex but I am realizing that it was never he as a man but it is his personality. So while you read all your relationship books and self help, dating, ya diya di ya, remember that PERSONALITY is different from person to person despite their sex. I wanted to dig up an old entry and dissect it a little. I want to compare it to what I have learned this past year. Heck, some of my readers say I have learned a lot since I started my ‘Lessons in Love’ series. I agree and that has just been a few months ago.

Stay Social. There’s a big world out there. Don’t fall into the trap of staying at home and feeling sorry for yourself. It’s okay to be down and blue, but don’t let it consume you! Call your friends, get “dolled up,” and go out and enjoy yourself. This is one of the breaking up tips that’s actually pretty easy to do. Besides, your friends are probably waiting to hear from you because they want to help you through a tough time.

If your marriage is over and there is no way back, sorting each of your lives out can be confusing and difficult. A solicitor can help sort everything out, so everything is done properly.

Since guys can tend to be a little slower in realizing the emotions they really feel, it’s better to let them set the pace. This way you don’t risk rushing or pressuring him which is a real love killer.

Even on a reunion special, Bookout revealed that she would probably still be with Edwards if Bentley had never been born. It was the stress of having a newborn and the maturity of Edwards that caused him to leave Bookout behind.

This may sound like a contradiction from the last tip which says you can’t be too needy. But ignoring her is the other extreme that is destined to end in being dumped. You have to let her know that she is #1… if you don’t, she’ll find someone who will! This means you may have to tone down those late nights out with the boys, the golfing every weekend or zoning out in front of the Playstation. If your work is keeping you away, you’re still going to have to compromise… sorry guys, I know freedom is something we all cherish, but you’re going to have to make her a priority too. I’m not suggesting giving up the things you love or to be irresponsible. With a little creativity and planning you’ll be surprised how well you can balance your life between how to get your ex girlfriend back, career, friends, activities, etc.

A Scorpio woman can be serious, and doesn’t like to be teased when she’s wrestling with something heavy. She responds well to someone that respects her inner needs, and that there are times to go deep. If you understand the ebb and flow, you can give her the space she needs to work it out.

No strain for young ones. Most of the time with an older lady there will be no pressure for young ones. She will possibly have young ones already or just not want to have young children. Even if she does want young children at some level, she is not extremely very likely to attempt to trap you by acquiring pregnant. Relying on her age, you may possibly not even have to fear about a surprise pregnancy.