Ideas On Creating A WordPress Blog

Although, most of us are fond of travelling; but only a few of us think of making a profession out of it. Travel writers are in great demand these days. The tourism industry has grown immensely over the decade. Most of the tourism companies have their own websites. They need good writers to promote the travel destinations. Some of these companies even send their writers to visit places to write on them. This is really rewarding as you get to earn while travelling to exotic locations.

For another type of travel blog, let’s look at those where at first glance you may not think of as an exotic travel destination. Not to name names. You can fill in the name of your hometown or city. What? Why would anyone want to see a packing tips about where I live, you ask?

Commenting on other websites is a way to connect with other travel writers. As a travel writer, you can never have enough contacts. Leave as many comments as you can. You never know who you’ll meet online. You could meet a former travel editor who could give you tips and tricks about travel writing.

Blogging is famous today and it is all over in the internet. You can find many websites that gives you the opportunity to post your own blogs and articles. The coolest thing about blogging is that for almost any subject you can think about, there are several blogging sites that you can post on. Try to find some traveling blog sites and offer your articles to them. While our sites require you to right a few hundred words for them, if you have a lot of travel experience, it would be easy for you to complete your assignments.

Music/Movie Reviews: Love entertainment? This is a great niche if that’s your thing. There’s a large market for music and movie reviewers. The more knowledgeable you become the more respected you become. People may just listen to what you have to say. You may even get invites to concerts, with access to exclusive photos and interviews.

You can escape home faster and live better if you visit third world areas such as Southeast Asia and India. Though we’ve visited the UK several times, my wife and I are still a long ways away from living it up in London! There’s another more powerful reason for going third world initially: a new perspective. Chances are, if you’re reading this you are probably raised in the Western world. When you board that plane, you will no doubt be ready for a change, and the transition from first to third world will be as eye opening as the transition from worker to entrepreneur.

What you need for your travel blog to be successful is you need relevant and highly critical feedback for all aspects of your travel blog. Additionally, you will need some personal guidance from a person who has been there and has done that, learn how to get visibility on travel heavyweights like Lonely planet.