How To Travel For Cheap!

For those of you who are already thinking about your spring and summer getaways this year, how about going on a cruise? Princess Cruises, one of the more popular cruise lines, is offering a 4-day Caribbean Coastal Sampler cruise in the beginning of May. This is not one you want to pass up.

Check out different airlines and agencies to find out who can offer you the best deal. Also, pay attention to the additional expenses like airport taxes, luggage, food etc. Sometimes things that seem cheap at first turn out to me more expensive than others when all costs are counted together in the end and a low-cost flight costs more than a regular one.

Then there is Vegas, baby! The Las Vegas fitness and weight loss weekend would involve getting a pedestrian view of the world’s newest, most extravagant hotels and famous casinos. By the time you trek the entire strip, climb stairs in lieu of escalators, and hike to the Hoover Dam, you might even sight Elvis while burning a few calories.

Hong Kong is a fusion of east and west in all the best ways. A long colonial history in which Europeans freely mingled with the locals resulted in a superbly multicultural city. Foods and goods from all over the world are readily available.

Most Hot Deals websites mail you the coupon you pay for and you have to take a print out of the mailed copy which is to be redeemed at the outlet offering the discount. These discount coupons are a great way in which you can try eating at new outlets or get to know about new spas or weekend Best getaways nestled not very far away from you.

Arriving in Bodega Bay after Weekend getaways travelling miles through green lush farmland and isolated ranches is a real treat. As you turn the last bend, that takes you the 5 more miles into Bodega Bay, the air cools, the scent of the sea grows stronger, and you suddenly glimpse the ocean between green velvet hills crowned by tall cypress.

Fredericksburg is my third favorite weekend getaway from Houston within driving distance, but at four hours it is barely pushing my personal limit for a drive. Its saving grace is the scenery. I typically go a few times each year when the weather is nice during the spring or summer. For motorcyclists, I highly recommend a ride here and it is my preferred mode of transportation. The hill country is gorgeous and when you need to relax, it is the ideal destination. Just to take an all day ride is sufficient for me to unwind but I also enjoy all Fredericksburg has to offer.

If your budget is really tight, you might want to add 10% to the total, but if you’ve carefully considered each of these categories when planning couple getaways, you’ll return from your getaway with only happy memories and no debt.