How To Play Online Poker

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So there I started my poker journey trying to get smarter every time I lost and maintaining my poise every time I won. Soon I knew about the tricks and tips of the game and with enough confidence started playing real games with real money. My first poker experience was a clean wipe out. I lost terribly and decided to stop playing it once and for all. My friend stood by me and gave me some really powerful advice to stay connected and learn from my experience. One beautiful quote from Abraham Lincoln that he said is still lingering in my mind.

Play aggressive. Betting strongly and consistently is the key to winning at Holdem. When you check and call you convey weakness. When you raise and reraise you convey strength. And when people think you are strong, or have strong cards, they will fold more often.

In these modern times, almost every person has access to a computer. It is now possible to play a poke game online at the comfort of our couch. A few decades ago, who would ever think that people would be playing a bandarq game online one day?

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It’s no different to an athlete visualizing their event prior to executing it. The key thing here is that you don’t want anything to come as a surprise. You want to rehearse or at least plan how you will react when someone low balls you on price and equally how you’ll react if someone offers more than you had anticipated.

However, you might continue to bet because you know that most of the time you opponent will not hit the flop either. By betting/raising you can often steal the pot from your opponent because he will think you have something.

Well, this is my simple forex strategy. It is simple because simple works. Forex is an old business and there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to profiting in this business.