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Playstation gamers who enjoy racing and driving games eagerly await the release of Gran Turismo 5, also known as GT5, exclusively for play on the Playstation 3. Some gamers anticipate GT5 will be one of the best on track racing games. Made exclusively for Playstation the Gran Turismo is often viewed as a selling point for the gaming console.

Other regions are getting Double Dragon and Game & Watch Gallery for the Nintendo 3DS eShop Virtual Console today, so it does not seem unreasonable to expect that we get at least one of those as well.

Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent: A new entry into the MMO arena, and the first foray into videos from Atlus (publisher of quality RPG’s on consoles and handhelds). Set in a fantasy world inspired by Steampunk, you’ll find yourself with deep character customization options and, most impressive, you tend to forget it’s a free MMO. The menus and interface could use some work, but for fans of Steampunk or MMO’s in general, this one’s worth exploring. Download it HERE.

So, now Valve likes Nintendo– or the Wii U, at least. And Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein likes Valve liking Wii U. It’s like a great big lovefest in here, with everyone finally accepting Nintendo again and forgiving them for all their success this past generation.

There is also talk of browsing the internet from your sofa with the Wii U controller. The Wii already does this, but hopefully the Wii U will handle video streaming better. On the other hand, if– like the 3DS– it doesn’t use Flash, that’s going to weaken the prospect significantly.

As you consider the options to find these sites, you will quickly learn that it can be very difficult to discover which ones truly offer free play, limited play or pay to play options. However, Bingo Find offers you a comprehensive listing of the sites that are available and what is offered from each. Because many sites also tend to disappear after a short time, you might be disappointed when you try to log into your favored site to find it is no longer there.

Ganz has done a great job marketing this game and it has turned out to be a great success for them. It is very popular with my daughter’s classmates and she is able to play online and interact with them from home. The cost of the actual Webkinz pet is pretty minimal when looked at in comparison to the number of hours of enjoyment that my daughter has got from the game. I would highly recommend this as a fun activity for children with normal parental restraints on time played.