How To Maintain Your Pool Table

It is interesting at times to look at something that has been around for as long as we can remember, something we may not think of often, and discover its history. Today there are many different types of game tables on the market, but did you know that game tables originated from outdoor games that were played on the ground? And that game tables have been around for hundreds of years?

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You will also notice that the table as rails or cushions. It might be rubber, but the purpose is to rebound balls without losing the energy of the ball. The surface itself is covered in felt. Under the felt is usually slate. The top of the Pool Table Refelting calgary is one solid piece of slate that can weigh hundreds of pounds. The slate is usually an import from Italy, Brazil, or China. If you have a cheap table the surface will be made of Slatron which is basically wood. If you don’t go for the slate, you will most likely find your table wearing out easily.

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Pool tables need to be balanced and when placed on the floor they need to be flat. If tilted even a tiny bit, this can spell trouble for them. They are very fragile and iare best left to be moved by those experienced and qualified to do so. Pool table movers who come with good references can be of tremendous help to you when it comes to moving this important piece of property of yours.

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Pool tables are generally very heavy because of their solid build and the heavy slate bed. They should be placed on a solid floor that will support their weight without bowing or moving when people walk around the table. If you are not sure of your floor’s integrity, have an expert inspect it before setting up a pool table in your location.