Growing A Beard: How To Grow A Beard And Maintain It

Ever since the invention of the razor several hundred years ago, man has had the capability to express himself through the art of facial hair styles. Some people go without a beard or any type of facial hair for a number of reasons. Maybe you can’t grow facial hair very well. Maybe you have to be clean shaven for work at all times. Maybe you just can’t find a style that works well for you. Regardless, there are still plenty of men who like to show off their facial hair style.

Tweeze – Tweezing can be the answer. If you have a few stray hairs you can quickly tweeze them away. How often you need to tweeze depends on your hair growth. The first few times will sting a little. Luckily, your skin will grow used to it after a few times.

Another fact you should learn is that it is testosterone that makes facial hair grow the way you want it to. In most cases, the whole process of growing a long and thick beard takes about four weeks, so try to be patient and calm. If you still wish to do something to make the process more effective, then there is something you can undertake to achieve your goal. First of all, you should stick to a healthy diet full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This will not only affect your overall health condition, but that of your facial hair as well. The list of these nutrients involves vitamins A, B3, B12, C, E, Biotin etc.

Body hair in new places is something you can count on – again; it’s hormones in action. You may want to start shaving some places where body hair grows, but whether you do is up to you. Some guys who how to grow a beard like to let it develop into a mustache and beard. Some girls may decide to leave the hair on their legs and under their arms as is. It’s all up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

The city of Las Vegas has a wonderful ad campaign about “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Inside all of us is the need for adventure and excitement that is outside our normal lives. But as we experience something exciting we also want to know that our normal lives will be waiting for us.

Luckily, beard trimmers are not too difficult to find. Really, it is just a matter of choosing the one that is best for the person you are shopping for. There are the low end beard trimmers and the high end beard trimmers. If the person you are considering is going to be putting a lot of use into the item, there is no reason in the world to skimp except your budget. Get the maximum as to what your gifting budget can afford, because when it comes to beard trimmers, you do get just what you pay for.

If you don’t know which type of facial hair grower you are, stop shaving for a week and see what happens. This is really the best way to help present your options on your facial hair styles.