Great Technology Ideas For Anyone Running A Blog

Way too many football players and strength coaches develop favorite lifts (usually one’s they’re good at) and stick to them no matter what. I’ve run into guys I trained with a decade ago and they are still doing the same workouts! I don’t mean the same philosophy, I mean the actual same football workout! Same exercises, sets, reps and sometimes, sadly, weights.

Enabling people to easily email an article to a friend is not typically bundled under the heading of social media marketing, but in my view it is another way to encourage people to share and recommend your content. Add an ‘Email a Friend’ link to all of your content pages.

Or, another time, I was really procrastinating about writing a golf post. I sat around for hours struggling with writer’s block. Then I was like “Ah, whatever, I’ll write the post in iambic pentameter.” (the kind of stuff Shakespeare wrote).

A 50 percent off coupon can be used for many types of items. Examples include hats, jewelry, and jerseys that can be used as gifts. Each of these can be found for a lower price by using a discount offer.

Now on to head wear. Head wear can range from a simple head band to cover your ears, to a wool cap, to a full face mask. The choice is dependant upon several factors. If your ears are routinely cold, but the top of your head is not, then consider wearing only a head band or ear warmers. Most people with a sufficient amount of hair will likely not have a cold head due to the insulation provided by the hair. However, if you have little to no hair, a wool hat or beanie will likely be needed to keep your head warm. Finally, if the sport or outdoor activity involves you moving at a high rate of speed such as in skiing, I would recommend a full face mask to prevent the strong winds from cooling the front of your face, including your nose, cheeks, and neck area.

In micro niche marketing, I start with Google’s Keyword Tool, one of the many FREE tools I use every day. Using the above example, I may start by typing in “camping supplies” and wait for Google to generate a list of applicable keywords. Most will have LOTS of competition for valuable webpage real estate. I search the list until I find a keyword with a good amount of searchers but limited competition. How does this happen, you say? No one will find every relevant keyword and fill it with good advertising, the English language is just too complex for that to ever happen. So there will always be weak spots that a micro niche ninja can exploit. Any keywords I grab here will be “support” words.

Resourcefulness – The best thing about having a blog is the high return on investment. You can literally make a living with almost no investment whatsoever. But to keep costs low, there will be small technical things you’ll need to figure out to navigate the world of blogging. Thankfully, there are free resources all over the internet that are there to help you as long as you are willing to find them.