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Many parents suffer the problem which they commonly describe as “he just won’t do as I say”. It is often the case that children will not adhere to our request, need to be reminded time and time again or will not learn, whatever we say or do. When this happens, more often than not, we look predominantly at our child’s behaviour – his stubbornness, laziness, or however it is manifesting. But, even though we think we have done and said all we can, it is often our own (parents’) behaviour we fail to really, objectively, look at.

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Picking a size for your wife is like guessing how many bullets are in a gun. Guess wrong and you will pay dearly for it. Unless you actually check your wife’s sizes, you are going to be guessing and that is dangerous territory. If you guess too low, then she will see it as an indication of how you want her to look. Guess to high, and she will think you see her as fat. It is a lose-lose situation.

Actions speak louder than words. Children are more likely to do what they see you do rather than what you tell them to do. This means setting a good example and sticking to your own rules yourself. For example, a rule like ‘no eating in the lounge’ must be something that applies to all the family, including yourself, otherwise, do not be surprised if your children question the rule.

There are several gifts that you should not buy for your wife, including tools you want, tickets to sporting events you want to see and anything else that does not match her Follow me but match our own.

Encourage individuality. Allowing kids to really be themselves can be difficult at times, especially if what they are doing is far from anything you are familiar with. Kids need their own brand of music, language and dress to discover who they are and what they are comfortable with. Within reason of course, let them be themselves without interference.

First, you have to have a strategic plan in mind up front. There are many stock options methods that different investors use. You need to study them and select those that you believe are most fitted to your risk tolerance and your objectives. Never enter into a trade without knowing ahead why you are taking that approach and what you will do under certain circumstances, no matter how you are feeling about them.

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