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What is more entertaining than a woman’s night out? What about a young ladies spa get together at your home? When you register with host a new Pink Pawpaw Beauty Pub you are in charge of the evening. You set the climate. You make it as simple or even elaborate as you like. It’s truly not difficult, whatever you do is actually provide the refreshments and then sit by and let your Expert take over. She’s going to introduce for your requirements the amazing, relaxing arena of Pink Papaya products although you and your friends chat as well as release the stress of the day.

Dress your age. Just because you feel 21 doesn’t mean that you should be dressing 21. You can still follow current trends but look your age. You can still wear low rise pants, just don’t go to the “ultra” low rise; look for tops that flatter you and are not too tight. The general public does not want to see through your shirt or down it. This also means that you may need to change where you shop. Forever 21 and Aeropostale may not be the stores of choice anymore, unless you don’t mind that the 13 year old standing next to you is buying the same shirt; instead look at Old Navy, Kohls or Ann Taylor. Ross, TJ Maxx and Mashalls all offer discounts of very up to date trends as well and they are definitely worth a trip (Crossways shopping center, in Chesapeake, offers all three stores in a row).

Another great party for animal lovers is the “Runway Hair for our Furry Friends”, a fashion show at the Halo mobile spa services johannesburg on Friday, April 29th. The event is a benefit for A Chance for Bliss, a non-profit animal organization that cares for senior and special needs animals.

Full service salons can work on men, women, and children. The most popular service is the hair cut. Books are available for short, long, or medium length hair for both men and women. If you are looking for more than just a trim, then skimming through the different cuts in the books is always a good idea.

First you want to find your niche. That is something that you know and love. It could be a hobby like cooking, gardening, pets, or sports. Whatever you have an interest in and know something about.

Yes. Do not use an eye curler! Your lashes should already be curled by a low heat lash extension curler before application. Do not use oily eye products, including make-up, make-up remover, lotions, etc. Do not rub your eyes, and take care to pat them dry when you get out of the shower/pool etc. Try not to sleep on your stomach, if possible, so your face does not rub your pillowcase. Also, avoid steam rooms, as this will shorten your lashes’ life span.

Owner and 19-year-veteran groomer Laura Rosen uses a wide range of shampoos such as oatmeal, medicated, hypoallergenic and several all-natural varieties to meet the specific needs of each pup. The “basic wash and cut” is the theme here and all pups are hand-dried with forced air, low-heat dryers. A small retail shop in the waiting area offers a few collar styles, leashes and nutritional treats.