Concrete – Less Than Meets The Eye

The first step to repairing cracks in a concrete driveway is to use a hammer and a chisel. You must make the crack wider in order to fix the crack. Make sure that you ruff up the underside of the crack so that the mixture will stick.

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Once the sub-surface is prepared. The next step is to form the perimeter of the project. Forms can be made from any material, but usually wood and metal are most common. Sometimes contractors use masonite, or even plastic for curvy sections. Many residential concrete driveways are 4 inches thick; however driveway thickness can vary up to 6 inches. For a 4 inch thick concrete driveway, usually a wooden 2 inch by 4 inch board is used on its side and placed around the perimeter of the project. Once the form boards are in place, reinforcing wire mesh or reinforcing bars (re-bar) are laid within the project to help either reinforce the concrete or keep it from separating.

If the area was poured more than six months back, it may possibly require even more work just before finishing. Mend any cracks utilizing rapid drying concrete. Remove any stains and fill in any chips as properly.

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Paving stone is the most expensive kind of paving but it last long. It is better in quality and it requires less maintenance. It is easier to replace and it is available in different shapes, colors and sizes not like other paving.

Cracks are going to happen in concrete. However, minimizing cracking and adding longevity to a concrete driveway can be accomplished. For more information, contact a concrete driveway contractor near you.