Choosing A Perfect Wedding Ring – Lifetime Of Gold Or Silver

There are many old wives’ tales about gold wedding rings. Some of it can be attributed to the old wives, some can be traced down through history to be true! As an example, the ruby gold rings that were worn by many of the military men in World War II.

Setting styles. Princess diamond Mens Wedding Rings will look fabulous in secure channel settings, and bezel settings. To enhance the size of the diamonds, a white gold or platinum surround or setting is an excellent idea. A channel set wedding rings will keep the diamonds down low and allows for a greater variety with the engagement ring.

In Western culture, wedding rings are gifts exchanged between the couple on their wedding day and often an engagement ring is presented to the woman when the man proposes. Other cultures exchange wedding rings at other times.

As with choosing engagement rings, the first thing that would always come to mind when you buy a wedding ring is to find one charming piece that will bring delight to your partner. So what can be a better criterion to that than reflecting on your combined personalities?

You can also set your rings in different metals such as platinum, titanium, white gold, yellow gold and silver. You can find that according to tradition yellow gold is considered to be classic wedding ring. But if you want something more fashionable and modern then titanium is the best option and it is also one of the most durable metals. But it is also true that titanium is expensive. Silver is one of the cheapest metals but it is not durable and hence it is not a perfect choice for wedding rings. As these rings are worn everyday for many years to come. You can also find many different styles in these rings.

Nowadays, silver is gaining it’s popularity when it comes to wedding rings. A huge designs are available worldwide with a limitless beauty. Whether it’s a plain band or with gemstones on it. Silver rings symbolizes strength to a couples life and sterling silver is ideal to represent it. It is considered as a positive influence to a strong and lasting commitment. So if you worry about your budget to bring your wife to the best honeymoon destination, instead of purchasing expensive gold wedding rings, choose silver and save your money to your honeymoon after the wedding.

The design of Celtic wedding rings seems to have found a perfect balance between modern tastes and the wonders of the Celtic culture. If you are going to choose a hand engraved ring, it is worth asking your jeweller if he has a personal design. Many of the Irish jewellers will have a design which is unique to their work; these are often their most intricate work. Many people will choose the more commonly found designs and if you ask a jeweller you may just find that you get something more wonderful than you could ever have imagined.