Auto Repair – Finding A Great Mechanic

Are you interested in windshield replacement? How about windshield repair? If your answer is yes, you need to know one thing: no two companies are the same. You may think that you are getting the same service at the same price no matter who you call, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Interestingly enough, this occurred most often with the folks who were clearly comfortable with having the floor. They talked too much – taking more than their share of the allotted time – but without really saying anything. After they finished speaking, I was left wondering: so what, exactly, do they do? Have a point. Then get to it.

When you are at an radiadores industriales shop, look at the vehicles that they have worked on. Are there good paint jobs? Are all the panels aligned correctly? You should talk to the mechanics to find out what they do if you are unhappy with the repair work. Will the mechanic repair a problem they did not fix the first time at no charge? Or, will there be extra fees? How long is the warranty? How long will it take for the repairs to be completed? Ask about their fees and if they get quality parts.

No matter how much money I spend on repairs, I’ll also still have a 12-year-old car that lacks modern features and amenities. No fold-flat rear seats. No navigation system. No anti-skid system beyond the antilock brakes. No side air bags. No video screen or satellite radio for those long drives to St. Augustine. I could get some of these things for the car in the aftermarket, but on newer cars, I like to have them built in.

I’ve never been a big fan of rebadging personally, as I’ve written before. The burdens it piles onto dealerships are many. Huge investments in special tools and training for the added line coupled with the lower frequency and experience don’t do the dealership or the customer any justice. That said, I think the bigger problem is brand dilution.

Many people hear the words “it is recommended” when they bring their vehicles in for service. This is a buzzword used by the auto service industry. Whenever you hear these words a bright red flag and alarms should go off in your head. You always hear those words used in conjunction with phrases “engine flush,” “transmission flush” and other automotive flushing or cleaning services. A simple review of Toyota’s service specs indicates that Toyota has no replacement interval for the serpentine drive belt. It should be inspected for wear every 15,000 miles starting at 60,000 miles, and replaced as necessary.

None of us is born with the knowledge of how our automobiles work. We just want them to get us safely to our destination. But it would behoove us to be as familiar with them as possible. That way, when an unscrupulous auto repair person does cross our path, we’ll be able to back away from them as fast as we can.