8 Ways To Socialize Your Video Marketing Strategy

Before embarking on your online video production strategy you need to clarify a few things. Video has potential to increase your sales and gain you many more subscribers, so it is in your own interest to spend time planning out how you intend to best use web video production.

A video testimonial is better. Ok, the trust may not become much better, but at least to be able to see and hear a real person giving the testimonial can be more favourable. You can sometimes see video testimonials after a seminar for example. Members of the audience talk about how they found the event.

But this one website can drive such a flood of traffic to your content pages that some servers just cannot seem to handle the traffic spikes when it does happen. How much traffic do you need to get in order to crash a server. Well, quite a bit depending on your host company, but most can handle a decent amount.

On YouTube you will find a variety of Visit my channel and leave a comment, some good, some not so good quality. More business owners are using small business video production in order to promote their product or services.

You may need to fiddle with the spacing to get it exactly where you want it. If you switch back to the ‘Visual’ tab you will see a placeholder for where you pasted the code. Save your post Games and fun then take a look at it in your browser. You should see your video in the post. Now you are starting to see the benefits of web video production.

An incredible example of this is Wiley Books’ promotion of the book, “Brewing Up a Business.” They held a contest on YouTube inviting people to read the book and then submit a short video showing how they implemented the business advice and approach explained in the book and what their results were. The book was fun and funky and they kept that vibe in their contest and materials promoting the contest.

Most video producers are unfamiliar with the type of content that viewers truly want. Why is that? Because most video producers, in fact none except for one, is an experienced trial attorney who markets their own legal practice using video. If you already use a video producer that you are happy with, ask them what they think the five most frequently asked questions are when a new client comes in to your office and sits in front of you. If they can’t tell you what your frequently asked questions are, how can they help you create content that you need in order to establish yourself as the expert in your field of law using online video?

If you are not using web video in your business now then it may be something you could look at. The potential is enormous and it just might be the missing link between having a successful business or one that fails. See what video can do for your sales today.